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August 3, 2000

Plans Underway for Sneak Peak 2 - Hopewell Rock Experiment: BetaVersion

Fredericton - Just under one hundred people came to see an excellent show on Saturday, July 29.  The afternoon show with locals Highly Chaotic and Vetch and out-of-towners Oh Susanna and Julie Doiron was sweet, soulful, and highly intimate. The evening show was a high-energy rockin' show with local Strange Brew, Ontario's Chore, and Moncton's Los Boleros and Elevator. Demo 1.01 was the first show Elevator has done in Fredericton in over year, and the fans were not disappointed.

Festival Manager Melissa Kaestner remains hopeful. "Quite frankly, I'm very happy with Demo 1.01.  Everything ran smoothly across both venues, we were able to have an all-ages event while still giving access to a licensed establishment, and the music was world-class. Our focus now is on getting local businesses involved in supporting the festival.  So far, CHSR-FM and the City of Fredericton have been extremely helpful."

Hopewell Rock Experiment: Beta Version is still in the works, but a tentative date has been set for Saturday, September 23. There will be two shows once again - an all ages show in the afternoon at Memorial Hall and an evening show at The Cellar. Bands will be announced at a later date, but for now we are looking at headlining acts Los Boleros and Fur Packed Action.

These shows are promotional fundraising shows for the upcoming Hopewell Rock Experiment at the Student Union Building October 13-15.  The festival is a presentation of Friends and Favours Productions, a not-for-profit collective of local industry professionals and volunteers dedicated to establishing and promoting the local music scene. Among the invited bands: 4-Star Movie, 283, Addiction Seekers, Aerial Love Feed, Arlibido, Art Bergman, Bionic, Birds of Passage, Blurtonia, Laura Borealis, Dan Bryk, Chinos, Chore, Datsons, The Dears, Julie Doiron, Elevator, Even, Feint, Christine Fellows, Flashing Lights, Fly Jimmy Swift, Fu Manchu, Fur Packed Action, Gruesomes, Highly Chaotic,  J. Davis Trio, Liquified, Litebrite, Los Boleros, Carolyn Mark, Mean Red Spiders, Melligrove Band,  Moon Socket, Morahambi, Nashville Pussy, Nectar, Neuseiland, North of America, Oh Susanna, Pinback, Joe Pernice, Peter Parkers, The Plan, Planet Smashers, Joel Plaskett and the Emergency Band, Psycho Billy, Purple Knight, Rhume, Rick of the Skins, Rosebuddy, The Rude Mechanicals, Sadies, the Salteens, Seppuku, Sinclaire, Dusty Sorbet, Steaming Toolie, Strange Brew, Strawberry, Tricky Woo, Tristian Psionic, Testone Channel, Two Minute Miracle, Vetch, Wailing Sounds, The Weekend, Weights and Measures, and Hank Williams III.  And the labels: Endearing, Grenadine, Kelp, Mag Wheel, Matlock, Mint, No Records, Perimeter, Sappy, Sonic Unyon, Stomp, Tidemark, Teenage USA, and Tree.

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