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About the hopewell rock experiment

The Hopewell Rock Experiment

has been postponed.

Hopewell Rock Experiment is an independent music festival and label fair which will showcase talent from all over Canada and the US, and feature some of the North America's biggest independent record labels. "We're taking the best elements of the Halifax Pop Explosion and other festivals that have happened over the past few years in the area, bringing together bands and labels from all over Canada and the US, put it all in one building, and open it to the public." says Peter Rowan, local manager/promoter (This Side Up Productions). Mr. Rowan (Program Manager), CHSR-FM's Melissa Kaestner (Festival Manager), and Backstreet Records' Eric Hill (Label Fair Coordinator) are among the core members of Friends and Favours Productions, the group responsible for organizing the festival. Friends and Favours is a not-for-profit collective of local industry professionals and volunteers dedicated to establishing and promoting the local music scene.

The Festival is organized by
Friends and Favours Productions:
Melissa Kaestner, Festival Manager
Peter Rowan, Program Manager
Eric Hill, Label Fair Coordinator/Experimental expose
Jenn Brayton, DJ Expose Coordinator
Laura Bowman, Webmaster
Kirk McInerney, Program/Graphic Design

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